Attendance, catering, parking and other systems

Attendance system is used for registration and attendance tracking of employees during working hours. Deploying an electronic attendance system will reduce errors arising from manual data processing. Information systems provide the precise basis for the calculation of working hours, finding the current status of employees worked overtime, and others.

Attendance is the basis of attendance terminal registering comings employees, working time and the suspension of exit. Attendance terminal can also operate the door, gate or turnstile. The terminal (or terminals) is connected with the management computer, which provides data processing. Attendance systems are often integrated with the ESS and the EKV.

Catering, parking and other systems allow operation with a unique information chip, which may be linked to other access systems. Quick information about the dispensing of food, including a complete data processing of supply and ordering food or entrances to parking spaces, a canteen solutions in enterprises and retrieval services in entertainment centers is transferred to the databases, that provide on-line reports on the monitoring of the action and provide follow-up evaluation programmed using the facts and their own individual situations.