Camera systems (CCTV, MKDS)

Camera systems have already become an integral part of modern security technology. Today, camera systems are often complementary and supporting the Electronic Security systems, eventually electrical fire alarm also. They are used primarily in environments where it is necessary to have an overview of what is happening in the premises and where it can be assumed undesirable intrusion into the building or other vandalism. On the basis of subsequent analysis of archived information increases the likelihood of capture of the perpetrators of the violations and criminal acts.

The value of stored data will not be high if the signal even from the best camera is stored on inappropriate medium. The best and modern equipment to record, view and report events are digital recording devices, which are usually built based on PC technology with industrial computers storing intelligent image with compression methods to harddisk. A new trend in the CCTV is the IP technology.

For the design and installation, we use proven technologies that meet the highest requirements for reliability, ease of use, cost and integration with other systems.

City camera surveillance systems (MKDS)

They are already part of normal security and control systems of cities and villages and serves as an effective tool to impeded conditions for criminal activity. MKDS have, due to its continuous surveillance of places with increased concentrations of people or places with frequent problematic situations or traffic offenses street (intersection, car park, square, station ...), also psychological effect on the behavior of citizens.